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A Great Ad Starts With A Great Offer

If you announced you were having a Super Bowl party and the game would be shown on a tiny 13-inch television in a small house and the food served would be re-heated frozen dinners and glasses of tap water, no one would show up. There would be better options.

Well, maybe your mom and dad would come out of loyalty.

But if you announced the Super Bowl party would be at a luxurious home, with the game shown on huge televisions, catered food, open bar, and wait staff handling everyone’s needs, you would have a line to get in.

This is because offers matter. The better the offer, the more people respond. Remember that in your advertising.

When you are advertising, it’s usually not the time to be reserved. You are trying to convince someone to come to your Super Bowl party. Think of the reasons why people buy from you. That is what you need to say in your advertising with a proudness and volume that gets people’s attention.

The ad message doesn’t always have to be about price. But it does need to impart value and build trust. If your turnarounds are fast, say that. If you have experienced technicians, say it.

Most of the time it is bad to lead off any print advertising with your logo or company name. It imparts very little information to the reader.

Instead, use testimonials. Use package pricing. Lead with your most popular service and tell people why it’s popular.

If you are offering discounts, show the math. Saying all veterans pay only $90 for this $100 service is stronger than saying veterans will receive a discount.

Too often we start with where to advertise and how much to spend. We do a great job on that and then roll out a weak offer. The results are flat. Often a better approach is to come up with a great offer and then place it where your customers are.

It works and will get you super results. Offers matter.

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