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Business Is About To Take Off. Are You Ready?

Business is slow for most of us. It’s OK to admit that as January is traditionally a low month for sales.

We have moved from a season of abundance and celebration during the holidays to a season of recovery and planning during the cold days of January. Yet business will bounce back. The seasons always change.

This week I was talking with a supplier and he said sales were down compared to the fall but he also said that is a normal pattern. It happens every year and he expects it, almost welcomes it. He told me quotes and inquiries were starting to come in and he would soon be back to fall levels of business.

The key to getting through January and even February doldrums is to plan for it in the fall. As we have written before, maximize your sales and collections in the fall months. Build some reserves and get through the winter.

But if you didn’t do that and are anxious for business to pick up because you need the cash, then let’s look forward because we can do things today that will have us ready to pounce when things improve.

Get your inventories ready

Get the supplies you need today for tomorrow’s work. That is tough today but the good news is your suppliers are also slow.

In the fall I had a supplier turn down an order we requested. The supplier was busy and simply said the order didn’t fit their setup for production.

Last week I checked on them again because I figured they would be slow in January. The supplier said they would welcome the order now.


I know it’s like fishing when the fish aren’t biting but it is also like chumming the water. You have to advertise now to get business in 4-6 weeks.

Make calls

Check on your good customers. They are also planning and working through the slow time. If you want to be in their plans, check in with them.

Business won’t stay slow. It never does. The ones who are best prepared for the pickup in activity are the ones who get the boost when conditions improve.

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