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Small Business Solutions

Sharing information and strategy with our small business clients. We also understand that running a small business can feel like you are on an island. We combine experience working with thousands of small businesses with our own experience managing a variety of companies to help our clients create a new path of success.

At Texas Printers, we offer full service, fast turn-around, personal care and results that match any competitor. Texas Printers makes it easy and fast to get it printed marketing materials in your hands.

Based on your goals, we will create a marketing strategy and execute an effective digital campaign to help grow your business. We offer websites, SEO, social media services and paid advertising to keep you in front of potential customers.


Published in print every Saturday and online daily, the Leader is the voice of the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and north Houston. The Leader Insider newsletter also provides daily news to residents in and around The Leader coverage area.

The Star has long provided the Fort Bend area with the in-depth news coverage in the Stafford, Sugar Land and Missouri City communities. The Star is published weekly and provides daily news online. The Fort Bend Business Journal publishes monthly in a slick, glossy, magazine format.

Charlotte Media Group is made up of three of Charlotte’s largest print publications and two additional weekly papers. The media group also operates 12 social sites that cover the combined communities in the Charlotte area.

Coastal Bend Publishing operates six community newspapers, covering seven counties, ideally located in the golden triangle of Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

The Greensheet family of publications has been publishing weekly for more than 50 years. The Greensheet offers its readers neighborhood sections in Dallas and Houston and serves many more online at

Our Values


Above all else at McElvy Partners, we are a place that provides the most recent and most relevant information needed for small business growth. Whether it be through Today’s Big Thing and our in-depth look at issues that impact your company, or Today’s Digest, which compiles the most important news and information available to help you make better decisions, we want to be a place where you can find practical, vetted news and information about small businesses. Along with two decades of business management experience, CEO Jonathan McElvy is also a journalist and accomplished writer. The news he compiles and the articles he publishes will be valuable information for your business.

Small business growth through information
Small business growth through direction


Along with providing daily information relevant to small businesses, our partner companies also have relationships with more than 2,000 companies. Each day, we work with those businesses to help them build a plan for growth. Whether we’re talking about operations, expenses, ideas or marketing strategies, our experience extends far beyond graduate school and formulaic programs. Based on thousands of conversations with small business owners each year, we welcome the opportunity to talk with people like you who want to build a better direction to facilitate small business growth. 


If your business finds value in the information we provide each day, and if you’re someone who wants to have a more strategic direction for your company, McElvy Partners can help you finalize the decisions you need to make when it’s time to execute. Our experience in operations and marketing strategies for small business growth creates a perfect partnership at price point comfortable for any small business owner. If you want to explore our services more, there’s no cost for having a conversation, which can start when you click our CONTACT page.

Small Business Growth through
Information, Direction, and Decisions

Access to solid information, reliable directional strategy, and sound decision-making are critical to small business growth and success. McElvy Partners is dedicated to supporting these endeavors with the single vision of helping your business attract new customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about your business!

Why we Care About Small Business Growth

A genuine affection and admiration for small business lies at the heart of McElvy Partners and all its subsidiaries. After all, we started out as a small business, too! 

We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses. And we have a deep understanding of the pain-points and challenges small businesses face every day. But we have also watched innumerous small business owners turn the tide, bravely surmount obstacles, and determinedly climb the steep mountain toward the pinnacle of success. 

We have celebrated the achievements of our small business clients countless times, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! 

You're not alone on your journey to small business growth.
McElvy Partners is here to support you every step of the way!

Small Business Support = Small Business Growth